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October! The time of year when the weather begins to break (we hope!), the leaves begin to change, pumpkins ripen, and plenty of communities and organizations have festivals. Hopefully, we are also fairly firm in our daily school routine by October as well. If that is not the case for you and your family, you are not alone. Twice in the past, we have moved during the month of October and school took a backseat.

I would encourage you to let go of any pressure you might be feeling today. Moms tend to take on pressure from many places – church, social media, books, friends – that seems to tell us that we aren’t measuring up in some way. Maybe our house is not big or clean enough, maybe our laundry is not done (is it ever?!), maybe the kids ate chicken nuggets (again) because we (I) just could not face cooking with everything else. Can I tell you that you are doing a great job at raising your children, homeschooling them, keeping house, and all the other things that you are doing? You are. Really. I believe God would say it is, “Very good.”

As a mom who also has too much on her plate sometimes, take it from me. Sometimes it is ok to have Dad or someone else take care of the kids while you take a bath, or sit quietly in your room, or take a nap, or eat an entire package of Oreos, or whatever you need to do to decompress. Sometimes a good cry might help. Ask for a massage for your birthday. Get into nature and just breathe for a few minutes or hours. Just be. Even if all you can spare is one breath, breathe in deeply, exhale slowly, and ask God for more of His grace (power) to get you through to the next thing that must be done. It helps.

Keep pushing forward. Keep relaxing and BE-ing whenever you can get a moment. You are doing fantastic at this. You really are!

Melissa Creech

2019-2020 Board Officers

Melissa Creech
Membership Director
Kathy Chauffe
Activities Director
Velvet Sperry
Michelle Green
Jana Olson

To email the Board: board@rsvlreach.org
To email the REACH group: mail@rsvlreach.org

Board News

The next board meeting is October 14.

Affirmation Vote for Jana Olson

REACH Board term limits allow members to serve for a 3-year period. REACH has the following provisions for those who wish to continue serving on the Board past this time: An affirmative vote of 2/3 from the current board members An affirmative vote from the membership of 70% from members who choose to vote This affirmative vote will allow the …
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The board has approved a new process for the approval of dresses for the Junior/Senior banquet, which is scheduled for April 24, 2020. There are multiple opportunities for girls to come together to model and show off what they have and/or get approval while they are shopping. Please click HERE (or read the banquet section in this newsletter) to find out more about the fun times we have planned, so that banquet can remain a safe, fun, modest event.

Meet the Board

Michelle Green-Secretary
I have been married to my husband, Michael, for 28 years. We have 5 kids from age 22 to 7 years old. Our first two are Ashley and Brittany who have both graduated from homeschooling and went on to college. Ashley graduated Arkansas Tech and has married a wonderful young man, Austin Beck. Brittany is in her third year at AR Tech working toward her bachelor's degree in nursing. Next are our 3 boys: Caleb, Daniel, and Everett (grades 12, 8, and 3). With all their energy and creativity, they keep me on my toes and keep me young. Our family enjoys serving at our church in Russellville in various capacities. We also enjoy taking a couple weeks off in summer to volunteer at Royal Family Kids Camp, a camp which ministers to kids in foster care. During the summer, Mike and I also volunteer at the TRAC camps for kids 12-16. I am delighted to be serving on the Board of REACH. The Board is a magnificent group of ladies with a heart for REACH. It's a true pleasure to be working with them to help make REACH better for homeschoolers.

October & November REACH Meetings

October-Panel Discussion & Business Expo

Coming soon (at the October REACH meeting)! We will be having a REACH business expo during the meet-n-greet time prior to the panel discussion at Grace Fellowship Church. If you would like to have a display for your business, please fill out the Google form HERE. This will allow us to plan for enough tables for display.
Also, we want to know what kind of panel you would like to have at the meeting. Please fill out our one-question form to let us know what you think. It is HERE. We want to bring you information you would like to hear.

November-Talent Show

Warm up your voice, instrument, or tap shoes!! We are having a talent show in the November REACH meeting. It will be on Monday, November 18th. Check out the calendar on the website for other details. We want to have students and parents show off their talent – musical, vocal, or other. We enjoyed poetry, songs, tap dancing, and other things last year. We are looking forward to all the great things this year as well. Bring a silly song with a costume and a funny dance. Bring a serious monologue and dramatic interpretation. Just bring something! We will have a sign-up form soon, so we can get you on the program. Be looking for it, but start preparing now.

Check Out Monthly Meetings Coming Up This Year

Membership News & Reminders

Thomas and Renee Grossman live in Dardanelle and have six children: Zion, age 12; Clare, age 10; Stella, age 8; Blaise, age 6; Geneieve, age 3; and Shiloh, age 8 months. Renee will serve on the PSP Committee.

Business Directory

The Business Directory has been combined into our Membership Directory. Businesses are listed with the member who owns the company. You can now search for business type/information on the Membership Directory page. If you own a small business and would like to provide information, please email web@rsvlreach.org. Please include the business name, contact information, a link to your business website or …
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Pictorial Directory-Deadline October 15

You may have noticed that the Pictorial Directory is no longer separate from the Membership Directory on the new website.  Now, your family photo appears beside your listing in the main directory  Please keep those beautiful family pics coming! You can email them to web@rsvlreach.org.
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If you plan to join HSLDA you can receive a discount as a REACH member. Just enter the code 210726 when prompted. Annual membership is $115 with our group discount, a savings of $15.
HSLDA Membership Link
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Newsletter Warrior Talk

We’d love to have more videos to include in the Warrior Talk newscast, so if you’d like to promote an activity or announcement from the newsletter, here’s how:
1. Film a short video (less than 2 minutes) promoting an item from the newsletter. Use your imagination and make it fun! Think of it like a commercial for the REACH activity …
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Check out our new yearbook tab under the teacher toolbox. It has details on photo submissions, senior page submissions, yearbook orders, and yearbook deadlines. All yearbook events on the calendar as well as yearbook posts automatically feed to this tab so you can find all of our yearbook information in one place.

PSP Day-Parties/Skating/Parks

Park Day-October

Come to Lake Dardanelle State Park on Friday, October 11. The TEENS are invited to play VOLLEYBALL by the beach, and there will be freezer pops available for all the kids.
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Fall Skating Party-November

Come and join us! We are meeting at the skating rink to have some fun! All ages are welcome. You are welcome to bring snacks and drinks for your family. I will provide the bottled water. If you’d like to bring something to share with everyone, like cookies, that would be great too! Please sign up by November 4th. We need a …
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Remember that the 2nd Friday of each month is devoted to PSP-Parties/Skating/Parks. These activities are open to all ages including teens, but there must be an accompanying adult.
Click here for other PSP dates for the year.

Clubs 2019-2020

Spring Clubs

With Fall clubs well underway we are searching for Spring club sponsors.  If you or your children have a skill or interest you would like to share with the group please consider hosting a club. Details for hosting a club are located HERE on the website. Please direct any questions and future club information to Suzanne Sweet at sweetpsuzy7@gmail.com.  Deadline …
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Fall Clubs

Games/Play Club & Craft Ministry Club-all ages for both

Nursing Home Ministry-all ages

Snack-N-Chat-grades 9-12

Outdoor Adventure Club-geared toward middle school/families

Ultimate Frisbee Club-grades 6-12

Junior STEM Club-ages 4-10-starts in October

Intensive News 2019-2020

Beginning Ballroom Dancing Intensive-October

REACH members, Sarah and Jason Hann, will teach a ballroom dancing intensive. This is open to 8th grade through adults. There is no cost. Participants will learn the basic steps to the waltz, the foxtrot, and the swing. Each person must sign up with a partner. No single participants allowed. Due to space constraints, the number of participants is limited …
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Nature Day Intensive-October

Lauren Scott will be hosting a Nature Day Intensive for elementary students. We will discuss how we use four of our five senses to study nature, do a nature scavenger hunt, introduce the concept of keeping a nature journal, and examine and identify some lovely fall leaves! We will take a few short nature walks during our time together. Parents …
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ACT Prep Intensive for English and Reading Sections-October

ACT Prep Sign-Up
Amy Hughes, a former member of REACH, is offering an ACT Prep Intensive for the English and reading sections. She is a certified English teacher with thirteen years of public school teaching experience. She has successfully prepared 11th graders for the ACT for seven years. This is for ages 13 and up. Students should bring pencil and …
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Cooking With Grandma (Upper Elementary) Intensive-November

Come cook with Grandma!
Grade 4-6
We will make lunch and a dessert. Kids will learn their way around a kitchen to prepare a simple meal, make a tasty treat and clean up afterwards. Menu will be determined after sign-ups are completed. We will try to work with any allergies or food concerns. Maximum 12 - minimum 3 participants needed …
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Field Trips

There are so many great opportunities in our community as well as surrounding areas for field trips! If there's somewhere fun and/or educational you've been wanting to go perhaps you'd like to organize a field trip so other homeschool families could join in! Anyone in REACH can plan a field trip. Here are some ideas of potential field trips: …
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Play Field Trips Available for 2019-2020

Check out this revised list of play field trips available in the area for this year. PLEASE CONTACT MELISSA HEFLEY (melissakhefley@gmail.com or 857-1636) IF INTERESTED IN ORGANIZING A GROUP TO ATTEND ANY OF THESE PLAYS DO NOT CALL THESE CENTERS BEFORE VISITING WITH MELISSA These need to be booked 6 weeks ahead of time or earlier - some do fill …
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James and the Giant Peach Play-October

Come watch “James and the Giant Peach” with us at the Center for the Arts.  Performance starts at 9:00 a.m., but please be there no later than 8:45 a.m.. The performance is being put on by the Russellville High School Cyclone Theatre. It will be a great show and is recommended to ages 5 and up. Younger children are welcome, …
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Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park-October

Urban Air Adventure Park Website
Deadline to sign up is October 15.
For those jumping: $10 without virtual reality
$15.99 with virtual reality
Kids 5 and under are $8.99
Parents are $4.99--Please note that parents do not have to pay unless they are participating.
Children who are 2 years old or younger are free, but if they are wanting to jump around, a parent will need a …
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The Magic School Bus Play - Lost in the Solar System-November

Little Rock Zoo-November

Payment must be received by Nov. 12 for Zoo field trip.

Mark April 17 on your calendars for a spring field trip to Northwest Arkansas. . . Details coming soon

Kindergarten Graduation-May 16

Kindergarten Graduation Sign-Up Link
Deadline to sign up: March 30, 2020
What your child will need to know for the graduation:
Verse: Please learn in this version so that all the children are saying the same thing and no one gets confused, thank you!
Psalm 119:105 NKJV Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my …
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Senior Graduation 2020

The REACH Senior Graduation Ceremony is planned for May 2, 2020, at 2:00 PM. The location is TBD. The deadline to register to participate in the REACH 2020 Graduation Ceremony is October 31. Please see the REACH Senior Graduation Policy. On the registration form, you will be asked if your graduate will be listed …
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Bonfire & Yard Games October Teen Event

Come join us in the afternoon for outside yard games and/or board games. In the evening we will have a bonfire and hot dog roast along with S'mores.
Deadline to sign up is October 22.
October Teen Sign-Up
For food please bring the following based on last name: A-H Chips/Fruit/Veggies (choose one) I-P Marshmallows/Chocolate Bars/Graham Crackers (choose one) Q-Z …
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Jr/Sr Banquet

Decorating will take place on Thursday, April 23
Banquet is on Friday, April 24.
9/10th grade servers wear nice black/grey/white clothes.
11/12th grade guests wear Sunday clothes or Prom type …
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The Banquet Dress Code Trifecta!

The Board and Committee have planned three ways to HELP our ladies in choosing the perfect Banquet dress.
1.) Dress for the Best! Dress Code Fashion Event- Oct. 4-optional participation (recommended)
2.) Text/Call while you shop-optional participation-from now until March 27, 2020**
3.) Pre-Banquet Dress Approval- REQUIRED-March 27- April 2, 2020*
Check out all of the details …
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Amazon Smile
FlipGive - To become a team member, use code C339UZ when prompted.
Giving Bean
Fresh Roasted Coffee and Artisan Tea
Kroger Rewards - NPO number XE621
Box Tops 4 Education and Tyson A+
Labels are collected at each REACH Meeting. A collection box is also located in the REACH Library. For the new style of Box Tops, be saving your receipts for scanning with a phone app when REACH has received approval.

REACH Codes/Information

Member Handbook
Member FAQ
Code of Conduct
Dress Code

REACH Library Information

Please note that this information is for current REACH members only.

REACH Library Code: 1219
A few reminders:
  • Place the key in the lockbox, and mess up the code to keep it secure. Secure the library by locking the door behind you.
  • Sign in upon arriving and sign out upon leaving.
  • No food or drink allowed in the library.
  • Follow displayed instructions for checking out and returning books
  • Use the 3,200+ items REACH Library Database
  • Check out our new library tab.
Contact Velvet with any questions (activities@rsvlreach.org or 223-2255).

Local or State Events

**The following are not REACH sponsored events but are provided for informational purposes only.**


**The following is not a REACH sponsored activity but has been attended by REACH students. It is available for students ages 8-19.**
Heard about TeenPact but have no idea what it is? Looking for some Civics credit? Looking for leadership opportunities and/or extracurricular activities for your student? From the TeenPact website: TeenPact is designed to help students understand the political process, value their …
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Lake Dardanelle events

Pope County Library events

Russellville City events

Russellville City and surrounding area events

4-H K9 Club

Check out details on this local 4-H Club hosted by Ashlea Spencer.
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Silver Dollar City Homeschool Weekend

Join homeschool families from across the nation during Silver Dollar City's 21st Annual Homeschool Weekend, October 5 & 6, 2019! Provide exciting educational opportunities for your children during this 2-day event. Our Lesson Plans will help you create unique interactive experiences in …
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