A Word From The Coordinator


We see transformation first-hand in our children as our kids transform from babies to toddlers to increasingly independent young children to teens to young adults to being wed in marriage. We are in constant transformation cycles.

New excitement and wonder is evident as we watch our kids transform in front of our very own eyes. Sometimes it comes gradually. I have one child in the early teen years now. From one day to the next I am surprised at how his looks are changing so quickly.

Our homeschooling transforms, too. Ages and grade levels, teaching methods, and curriculum are just a few of the changes we see at least yearly if not sooner. Not long after mid-year, we begin planning for summer and the next year's school schedule and curriculum.

I find comfort during the transitions in Romans 12:2. It states, "And do not be conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God." We school the way we feel is best for our children, we raise them with beliefs we feel are right; and we guide them as they make their way through life. Within your own home may all the transformations you face bring you a sense of satisfaction and a renewed and peaceful mind.

Michelle Green

2020-2021 Board Officers

Michelle Green
Membership Director
Kathy Chauffe
Activities Director
Chelsey Carnahan
Emily DeCosta
Kristen Brown
To email the Board: board@rsvlreach.org
To email the REACH group: mail@rsvlreach.org

Board News

The next board meeting is on April 20.

Coordinator Announcement 2021-2022

Congratulations to Michelle Green! She received 100% of the vote for Coordinator for the 2021-2022 school year. We appreciate her willingness to serve again as our Coordinator for this coming school year. Below, she shares her vision for REACH. I appreciate the opportunity to serve another year in REACH as coordinator. This past year was a unique year for all …

Read more

Committee Head Announcement

Attn Committee Heads:

As we get closer to finishing out this school year, the board will begin making any changes needed to REACH guidelines. As you finish your plans for the year, we ask that you review your committee’s guidelines and let us know if you feel any changes/updates are needed before they are issued again for the 2021/2022 school year.

The Committee Feedback Form is linked here for your convenience. Please fill it out when your event(s) is/are finished or planned for those who will go into the summer.

Suggested Guideline changes should be sent to your Board liaison. If there are none needed, let your liaison know you have viewed them and that you feel the guidelines can remain the same. We appreciate your help and also your dedication.

2021-2022 Committee Heads Needed

The time is approaching for the 2021-2022 Committee Head selection. If you are a current Committee Head or if you are interested in being considered as a Committee Head, please fill out the Committee Head Request. We will be making Committee Head selections within the next few months. Below is a list of our committees with links to each Committee … Read more

REACH Meetings

March Meeting--Discovery Fair

**Note: This is the March Monthly Meeting, but it will take place in April**

Greetings from the Discovery Fair Committee. We would like to invite our REACH Families to participate in our Virtual Discovery Fair this year. We will have all of our favorite categories with some modifications. All entries will be uploaded into our Google classroom for the team to organize and place into a slideshow-type presentation. All ages will be allowed to … Read more

April Meeting--Moms' Night Out

Mom's Night Out has been recheduled!

MNO will look a little different this year, but the Mentoring Committee still plans to have a relaxed, fun night for REACH moms. We WILL NOT have our usual meal, but instead we WILL show the movie Moms’ Night Out with Sarah Drew, Sean Astin, Patricia Heaton, and Trace Adkins. This movie is “Dove Approved” for all ages. Here is a review of it with the official trailer: Moms’ Night Out Preview.

May Meeting--Curriculum Share and Book Sale

Please keep in mind that this year’s curriculum share will look different than normal due to having it on the same day as the REACH member Friday book sale.

Membership News & Reminders

Business Directory

If you own a business and would like your business information added to your family listing in the Membership Directory, email web@rsvlreach.org. Please include the business name, contact information, a link to your business website or Facebook page, and a brief description. If you have any questions, please email web@rsvlreach.org.


If you plan to join HSLDA you can receive a discount as a REACH member. Just enter the code 210726 when prompted. Annual membership is $115 with our group discount, a savings of $15.
HSLDA Membership Link

Library Returns-May 2021

We are nearing that time again. Library items must be returned by May 31 per the Library Return Policy. Due to inventory and a major shifting of book shelves, we need all items in the library for a few days. If you need to carry some curriculum over as a paid, returning member, you will need to contact Velvet at library@rsvlreach.org and she will work out details with you. The library will be closed June 1-15, but she will work with those who need to continue with curriculum during that time.

2021 Picture Day

Picture Day has been rescheduled, please check the calendar for more information. You can choose between April 8 or April 9.

Honor Roll 2020-2021

REACH has an honor roll for 9th – 12th grade students. It is based on a student’s achievement on a standardized test. The school year for honor roll purposes is from the beginning of July to the end of June with the honor roll being published in the August newsletter for the previous school year … Read more

April Activities at a Glance

May Activities at a Glance

PSP Day-Parties/Skating/Parks

The 2nd Friday of each month is devoted to PSP-Parties/Skating/Parks. These activities are open to all ages including teens, but there must be an accompanying adult.

April PSP - Kickball

Let’s play kickball! The teen event will be scheduled at the same time as our PSP this month and will be at Old Post Park. We are hoping this makes it more convenient for everyone to attend. We will have the kickball and some water. All you need are some comfortable clothes and closed toed shoes. Hope to see you there!


Disc Golf Club Spring 2021

This club is open to students in grades 6-12 (adults may play too). Participants should bring their own discs. A starter set can be purchased for about $20. Some parents will be needed to help oversee groups based on how many players we have. We try to keep the groups small so players can cover more of the course. Respond on the sign-up form accordingly if you as a parent can help. This doesn’t have to be every week.

Sign-up deadline is April 7. Read more

Outdoor Games Club Spring 2021

This club is for any ages but especially for younger siblings of Disc Golfers. We will be meeting the same days and times that Velvet’s Disc Golf Club meets. I just wanted to give the kids a chance to get outside and run off some steam together. Social distancing will be practiced. Feel free to bring hula hoops, kick balls, jump ropes etc. Read more

Hiking Club Spring 2021

This club is open to all ages. An accompanying adult is required for all kids/teens attending. Times for hiking will vary slightly but should fall within the 10:00-noon time frame. Trails to hike will be determined by ages of kids signed up. We may choose to split up on different trails, but there will always be adults accompanying any kids/students, even if the students are older teens. Families will be responsible for water and/or snacks needed. Some families may choose to bring a picnic lunch to eat after the hike. Read more


I look forward to seeing what REACH members can offer for this school year. Intensives can be a fun way to share your talents so others can learn something new. We have had some interesting intensives in the past such as: Ballroom Dancing, Google classes, Nature Hikes, Science Labs, Art, Note Taking… Read more

Field Trips

Field Trip: Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

Time for some fun on a field trip! If we have enough participation we will be going to Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park in Conway on Friday, April 16, 2021. We need at least 20 people to join for us to be able to get the discounted pricing. They do require the jump socks, but if we get the … Read more

Garvan Woodland Gardens Field Trip

All attendees must have an accompanying REACH adult who is responsible to oversee them. This will be a self-guided tour. A minimum of 1 hour is suggested for the gardens and 2.5 minimum for the various areas of the 44 acres. We will meet there at 10:00, but you may leave whenever your family is done touring the gardens. Their … Read more

Virtual Field Trip: Chicken Coop Tour

Join us via FaceTime as we tend our laying flock, learn some interesting facts about chickens, and help us collect eggs. We get brown, green, blue, and sometimes even pink eggs! It's like a treasure hunt every day! Our chickens love the camera so you are likely to get some close-up time with them! After you sign up, you will be contacted to … Read more

Teen Events

Teen Spring Outdoors Event

Teens will have potentially three activity options to participate in: volleyball, disc golf, or hiking. Please choose your favorite(s) when signing up to help us in making a final determination. Depending on how many of these activities we do, we will need 2-4 parent volunteers to help. Parents, please indicate on the sign-up form if you can help. … Read more

Moms' High School Class 2021: Navigating the Maze

This class will meet for three different evenings in April, May, and/or June. Topics to be covered include recordkeeping, credits, transcripts, smart core, ACT/SAT, college admissions, scholarships, CLEP, AP, concurrent classes, and more. Please sign up by April 5 if you are interested in attending. Read more

Kindergarten Graduation

The deadline to sign up is Monday, May 24th! Please arrive with your graduate at 10:30 for pictures in their cap and gown with their family. Caps and gowns must be respected as they are property of REACH, so please no playing in the caps and gowns. Parents are welcome to bring art work, pictures, awards, etc to display for … Read more

Senior Graduation

REACH is pleased to honor our 2021 Graduating Seniors on Saturday, May 8th. With projected restrictions on group gatherings, the graduation ceremony will most likely only be open to graduates and their families. We hope to offer live streaming or recorded video footage though for those who are not able to attend in person.

We are so proud of our graduates!

2021 Senior Graduates

Max Aylor
AJ Chauffe
Keith Dumas
Garrett Howard
Thomas Lilley
Rachel Sorrells
Abby Sweet
Joshua Willis

High School Classes

Below are some of the High School classes that we have scheduled for the 2021-2022 year. If you are interested in teaching or facilitating a High School class you may contact a Board Member with that request. All High School classes must be approved through the Board.

Personal Finance High School Class Fall 2021

Curriculum: Foundations in Personal Finance by Dave Ramsey Topics covered are saving, budgeting, debt issues, life after high school, consumer awareness, bargain shopping, investing/retirement, insurance, money/relationships, careers/taxes, and giving. This class, for grades 9-12 (mature 8th graders may participate with approval from Velvet), will start in August and go into December for about 18 weeks. We will meet at a … Read more

High School Chemistry Lab Fall/Spring 2021-2022

Students will investigate chemistry topics such as chromatography, boiling point changes, composition/replacement/oxidation/reduction reactions, thermochemistry, and flame tests. Hands-on laboratory exercises incorporating laboratory safety and equipment will help to prepare students for college laboratory courses. Reading assignments will be announced during class, via text message, or email for the following week. If you miss a class please email the instructor for … Read more

Spanish Class for 2021-22

There will be a Spanish 1A class offered for REACH members for the 2021-22 school year. The class is open to students enrolled in 8th -12th grade. The class will start with the basics and cover the first half of a high school Spanish 1 course. (If there is enough continued interest, Spanish 1B will be offered for 2022-23 … Read more


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REACH Codes/Information

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REACH Library Information

Reminder: Please note that this information is for current REACH members only.

REACH Library Code: 2105
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  • No food or drink allowed in the library.
  • Follow displayed instructions for checking out and returning books
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Contact Velvet at library@rsvlreach.org or 479-223-2255 with any questions

Local, State, or National Events

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Arkansas State Parks events

Pope County Library events

Russellville City events

Russellville City and surrounding area events