A Word from the Coordinator

Pencil It In

As we go into the summer months, many of us may still be homeschooling, while others may be celebrating completion of months of hard work. Some will be busy tending gardens, trying to catch up on missed work, or even finding a way to plan delayed events and vacations.
Life…gets…busy. It seems any more, we have to consciously set aside time to even breathe. If your situation is similar to mine, lists of things made to complete after work is all caught up, well, tend to blend right into the new school year’s schedule and rarely happen. Life happens, and because of this, it can also seem to pass us by. It is so important to find joy in the little moments and to find it often.
Joy can come suddenly and in so many little things. Joy can be catching lightning bugs or stargazing with the children. It can be found while having a picnic in the front yard or flying kites on a blustery day. Joy can find you while you are fishing with the family or taking a hike on secluded trails. It can find you reading books or telling stories in a fort built in your living room.
So, if you’re a list maker like I am, next time intentionally add some items on your to-do list that will bring you joy. Whatever can bring you at least a few moments to smile and breathe, pencil it in.

Michelle Green

2020-2021 Board Officers

Michelle Green
Membership Director
Kathy Chauffe
Activities Director
Chelsey Carnahan
Emily DeCosta
Kristen Brown
To email the Board: board@rsvlreach.org
To email the REACH group: mail@rsvlreach.org

Board News

The 2019-2020 board has voted for the following board position replacements starting with the 2020-2021 REACH year:
Chelsey Carnahan-Activities Director
Kristen Brown-Treasurer
Emily DeCosta-Secretary
Starting June 1, all board position emails will be changed over to the new board member.

The next board meeting is June 30.

Board Thank Yous

A big thanks to Michelle Green for her 3 years of service as secretary and being willing to move to the coordinator position.
Thank you to Jana Olson for 3 1/2 years of service as treasurer.
Thank you to Velvet Sperry for 3 years of service as coordinator and 3 years as activities director.

Summer Updates

Please be aware when using the website that many updates are being worked on in the summer months. If you have a tab related to your committee, be sure to look over the current information and send updates to Chelsey at activities@rsvlreach.org.

Committee Heads

The combined committee head gathering for 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 committee heads has been postponed. We hope to reschedule this summer.

Newsletter Changes Coming Soon

Due to COVID-19 changing the dates for some of our events, we will have separate June and July newsletters this summer; however, starting with the August 2020 newsletter we will have the following single or combined newsletters to make a total of 7 newsletters per year:
August-will continue to stand alone
September/October-will be combined
November/December-will be combined
January-will continue to stand alone
February/March-will be combined
April/May-will be combined
June/July-will be combined next year
This will provide a single newsletter at the beginning of each semester when many activities are getting started, but other consecutive months will be combined as there is much information that overlaps.

Monday Reminders

The Board has made a decision that Monday Reminders will continue as is, coming out every Monday except a few times close to the holidays. These include short reminders with links about events coming up within the week, along with deadlines/opportunities and questions.

Committee Head Feedback Forms 2019-2020

Committee Heads,
The board is ready for you to begin filling out the committee feedback form for this year. We would prefer you use the online form, but there is a printable copy you can mail in if that works better for you. Both of these are under the commitee tab. You may also need to refer to this tab …
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REACH Meetings

Regretfully, the 2019-2020 Discovery Fair has been officially canceled. It is always a very large event with a great turn-out making it difficult to safely abide by state guidelines to maintain safe distances, thereby limiting participation. The committee looks forward to leading this activity in the 2020-2021 school year.

Check Out Our Monthly Meetings Tab

Membership News & Reminders

2020-2021 Membership Application

Hello Homeschoolers! The 2020-2021 REACH membership application is ready! After submission you will get a confirmation email with payment instructions and a summary of your responses. We will leave the current email group, website logins, and Facebook group in place longer than usual this year to allow all current members to have access to communications regarding rescheduled events. Approval emails …
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Welcome New Members

Jason and Bethany Geiken live in Russellville and have three children: Malachi, age 12; Isaiah, age 10; and Eliana, age 5. Bethany will be serving on the Clubs Committee.

Secret Sisters

In response to moms who have requested a way to have a more personal connection to other moms in the group, you will notice a new question on the membership application asking about Secret Sisters. If you select "yes" you will be paired with another REACH mom so you can share encouragement, pray for each other, remind each other of upcoming REACH activities, and basically have one person …
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If you plan to join HSLDA you can receive a discount as a REACH member. Just enter the code 210726 when prompted. Annual membership is $115 with our group discount, a savings of $15.
HSLDA Membership Link
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Committee Heads 2020-2021

Thank you to the following people who have stepped up to head a committee:
Banquet-Melissa Hefley
Book Sale-Michelle Green
Childcare-Joleah Payton
Clubs-Suzanne Sweet
Discovery Fair-Emily Nealy
Field Trips-Allison Hoke
Intensives-Melissa Hefley
Library-Velvet Sperry
Mentoring-Keri Bucci
Parks/Skating/Parties-Coralin Davelaar
Senior Graduation-Kathy Chauffe
Spelling Bee-Sarah Hann
Teen Activities-Wilma Kinder
Testing-Laura Irvin
Yearbook-Leslie Conditt

The following head positions are still open: Field Day & Kindergarten Graduation.
Committee Head Request Information and Form 2020-2021

Library Returns

Library Return Policy normally requires that items be returned by May 31. Due to the COVID-19 situation, we are extending that deadline this year to June 30, with the library being closed in early July rather than early June. Please contact library@rsvlreach.org per the policy if you are a rejoining member and need an extension on curriculum past the June 30 deadline.

REACH Nursing Home Ministry Award

The REACH Nursing Home Ministry Award is given to a faithful, participating junior each year. For the 2019-2020 year, A.J. Chauffe is the recipient. Thank you, A.J., for being faithful to come and participate in our music along with visiting with the residents. They love it when you sit with them at the tables to talk and laugh together!


Check out our yearbook tab under the teacher toolbox. It has details on photo submissions, senior page submissions, yearbook orders, and yearbook deadlines. All yearbook events on the calendar as well as yearbook posts automatically feed to this tab so you can find all of our yearbook information in one place.

Yearbook Updates and Reminders

If you ordered a yearbook we are still planning to have them completed! Our staff is working on some creative ways to remember these odd events!

June Activities at a Glance

PSP Day-Parties/Skating/Parks

The 2nd Friday of each month is devoted to PSP-Parties/Skating/Parks. These activities are open to all ages including teens, but there must be an accompanying adult.

There are no more scheduled PSP events at this time.

Click here for the PSP tab.


I know we are all looking forward to some sort of normalcy to come soon. Hopefully by this fall we can begin to meet together again. I know my kids are so ready to see all of their friends!

Though we cannot nail down all specifics at this time, I would love to get us thinking about what clubs we would like this fall semester. We will have a couple returning ones from this year but having new ones are really exciting as well. Let’s get those ideas flowing so we can provide some stimulating and fun clubs for our children.

Clubs are an amazing opportunity for our kids to get together with others of like interests or to learn something new. Each semester everyone has an opportunity to offer a club to the REACH community. What skills or interests does your family have that you would like to share? Clubs can meet at any time and for as often as you like, the dates just need to be cleared with our activities director.

Please email Suzanne Sweet at sweetpsuzy7@gmail.com with any club ideas or questions.

Click here for the clubs tab.


I am looking for moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncle, anyone who has a passion to share the knowledge the Lord has blessed them with. You may ask, "what is she talking about." Intensives are 1-2 day learning opportunities we would like to offer our REACH Students. The PURPOSE is to promote a variety of concentrated studies, taught within a short time …
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Contact Melissa Hefley at melissakhefley@gmail.com with intensive ideas or questions.

Click here for the intensives tab.

Field Trips

What field trips would your family like to participate in this year?
There are so many great opportunities in our community as well as surrounding areas for field trips! If there's somewhere fun and/or educational you've been wanting to go perhaps you'd like to organize a field trip so other homeschool families could join in! Anyone in REACH can plan a field trip. Here are some ideas of potential field trips: …
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Contact Allison Hoke at field5897hokeal@hotmail.com with field trip ideas or questions.

Click here for the field trips tab.

Jr/Sr Banquet

The banquet committee is looking at rescheduling the banquet during the summer.

Senior Graduation

The senior graduation committee is looking at rescheduling the senior graduation during the summer.

Kindergarten Graduation

The Kindergarten graduation committee is looking at rescheduling the K graduation during the summer.

Used Book Sale-June

Our book sale survey showed that over 80% of those that responded wanted a physical book sale with restrictions sometime in June. We will do our best to honor these results and yet remain in compliance with CDC regulations. More details will come out later.
It's almost here, Ladies!
Seller procedure:
*Label all give-away items “FREE” *Bring sale items to …
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Honor Roll

REACH has an honor roll for 9th – 12th grade students. It is based on a student’s achievement on a standardized test. The school year for honor roll purposes is from the beginning of July to the end of June with the honor roll being published in the August newsletter for the previous school year. Deadline to send scores is July 10th.

Honor Roll Details

High School Classes 2020-2021

High School Information & Opportunities Tab
The following high school classes are currently planned for the spring semester: Writing a Research Paper w/Amy Hughes & Art w/Kelly Lilley.

High School Biology Lab 2020-2021

Students will investigate biological systems at the molecular, cellular, and macrobiological level. Hands on laboratory exercises incorporating cellular biology, genetics, DNA, and specimen dissections will be provided to assist students in their understanding of biological themes. Reading assignments will be announced during class or via text message or email for the following week. If you miss class please email the instructor …
Deadline to sign up is June 15. Payment is due no later than July 15.
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Constitutional Literacy High School Fall 2020 Class

Constitutional Literacy with Michael Farris
This class is for grades 9-12. If the parent chooses, it may count for the required semester (1/2 credit) of Civics or American Government. If that requirement has already been completed, then the class could count as an elective. Parents are welcome to attend but are not required. The workbook needs to be purchased if …
Deadline to sign up is July 20.
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ACT Math Prep High School Fall 2020 Lab

This lab class is open to students in grades 9-12 who have completed Algebra 1. Graphing calculator is recommended but not required. This required online workbook must be printed to use. Our goal will be to complete approximately half of the workbook this fall. Homework is required (likely 15-18 problems/week varying in difficulty). This lab will be taught in a …
Deadline to sign up is July 20.
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Amazon Smile
FlipGive - To become a team member, use code C339UZ when prompted.
Giving Bean
Fresh Roasted Coffee and Artisan Tea
Kroger Rewards - NPO number XE621

Box Tops 4 Education and Tyson A+
Labels are collected at each REACH Meeting. A collection box is also located in the REACH Library. For the new style of Box Tops, you will need to use the Box Tops phone app to scan receipts within 14 days of purchase.

REACH Codes/Information

Member Handbook
Member FAQ
Code of Conduct
Dress Code
Illness Guidelines

REACH Library Information

Reminder: Please note that this information is for current REACH members only.

REACH Library Code: 1219
A few reminders:
  • Place the key in the lockbox, and mess up the code to keep it secure. Secure the library by locking the door behind you.
  • Sign in upon arriving and sign out upon leaving.
  • No food or drink allowed in the library.
  • Follow displayed instructions for checking out and returning books
  • Use the 3,500+ items REACH Library Database
  • Check out our library tab.
Contact Velvet at library@rsvlreach.org or 479-223-2255 with any questions

Local, State, or National Events

**The following are not REACH sponsored events but are provided for informational purposes only.**

Education Alliance Online Courses/Curricula Survey

The Education Alliance is asking home schoolers about online courses and curricula. We just want to find out if families are interested in purchasing courses and home school curriculum online. We put together a short poll. It's just four questions, and it only takes about 2 - …
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SAU Concurrent Enrollment

Southern Arkansas University is offering Concurrent Enrollment for 11th and 12th grade students. The following courses online: English Comp I & II, U.S. History I & II, World History I & II, College Algebra, and Plane Trigonometry. Courses offered in the Fall 2020 semester: …
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Arkansas State Parks events

Pope County Library events

Russellville City events

Russellville City and surrounding area events