A Word From The Coordinator

Be Anxious for Nothing

Are we doing enough? Are we ruining our kids’ lives? Are we sheltering them too much? Are they getting enough education?

These are some thought-provoking questions we homeschool moms may ask ourselves at times. We all face moments when we are not able to handle the uncertainty in our lives and we focus so much on it that we are filled with anxiety. As the school year nears the end, we may find anxieties building and we wonder if our child is ready for the next grade or if our graduating child is ready to go into the world of work or continued education.

We have a help from above for our anxieties. Praise the Lord in any and all given circumstances, especially the tough ones. 1 Thess 5:17 tells us to “Pray without ceasing.” And when anxiety tries to creep in, remember your strength is just a breath, a prayer away. Phil 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Michelle Green - REACH 2021-2022 Coordinator

2021-2022 Board Officers

Michelle Green
Membership Director
Lena Crowe
Activities Director
Chelsey Carnahan
Emily DeCosta
Kristen Brown
To email the Board: board@rsvlreach.org
To email the REACH group: mail@rsvlreach.org

Board News

Banquet Formal Wear
The Board missed the change in the number of pictures required and apologizes for any inconveniences or discomforts this had caused. Due to voiced concerns regarding the required pictures for pre-approval of dresses, the Board is making the following changes effective immediately:

Per the guidelines, the Banquet Committee Head has the option to require pre-approval of formal wear dresses. When a Committee Head chooses to require pre-approval of formal wear dresses, the following 3 pictures are to be submitted: one full-length front view while standing, one full-length back view while standing, and one view in a sitting position. If a member should be uncomfortable sending pictures, then an in-person viewing should be set up.

Committee Heads
  • Committee Heads may begin filling out the Committee Head Feedback Form. This form helps the Board know if any changes should be made for the committee for the following year.
  • Remember to turn in receipts and reimbursement information to Kristen.
  • Updates to open committee head positions will be sent periodically.
  • We are still looking for Committee Heads - 2022-2023 Committee Head Request
  • The following Committee Head Positions are filled:
    • Library
    • Book Sale
    • Testing
    • Teens
    • Spelling Bee
    • Discovery Fair
    • Yearbook
Board Meeting Dates
The next Board meetings are scheduled for April 21st, May 16th, and June 10th.

Welcome New Members!
Lance and Emily Byrum live in Atkins. They have a daughter, Harper, age 9, and a son, Merrick, age 5. Emily will be assisting with the PSP Committee.

Frank and Heather DaRosa live in Atkins. They have three children: Franchesca, age 17, Dario, age 12 and Matteus, age 11. Heather is serving as part of the Teen Activities Committee.

Richard and Kelsi Flinn live in Russellville. They have a son, Jude, age 6. They will be a part of the Field Trips Committee.

Joshua and Samantha Thomas have a daughter, Zaira, age 14. They will be part of Field Trips.

Seth and Patricia Freeman live in Dover. They have a daughter, Melina, age 5. Samantha will be helping with Intensives.

Michele Wigington has a son, Elijah, age 9. She will be serving in the Clubs Committee.

Membership News & Reminders

Coordinator 2022-2023 Announcement

Congratulations to Michelle Green! She will be our Coordinator for the 2022-2023 school year. We appreciate her willingness to serve again as our Coordinator. Below, she shares a bit about herself and her vision for REACH in the coming year. Thank you all for your vote of confidence. It is a great pleasure to serve you again as REACH Coordinator. Read more

2021-2022 Receipts and Reimbursements

It's coming to the end of the 2021-22 school year! If you are a committee head please make sure all funds budgeted for your committee are requested no later than 5/31/2022. Any receipts for spring expenses must be submitted no later than June 6th for reimbursement.

Library Returns 2022

We are nearing that time again. Library items must be returned by May 31 per the Library Return Policy. If you need to carry some curriculum over as a paid, returning member, you will need to contact Velvet at library@rsvlreach.org to submit your request and work out details. Non-returning members cannot extend checkout. The library will be closed in early June, so please plan accordingly.

REACH 2021-2022 Member Activity Survey

The Board requests your help. We have come up with a short survey to help us gain insight into what may help us serve you better. Click here to begin the survey. In advance, thanks.

April Activities at a Glance
May Activities at a Glance

REACH Meetings

Curriculum Share - April

Curriculum Share consists of the following:
  1. Members have access to catalogs, pamphlets, etc from various vendors. Tables will be set up with these and attendees take what they want.
  2. Some vendors donate curriculum which is displayed on tables. Members are able to see the curriculum up close and then these items are given away as door prizes to the attendees. We normally have enough for all members who attend to win at least one item, sometimes more.
  3. Some vendors donate discounts. Some of these are given away as door prizes. Other discounts are for all attendees; these are displayed or shared in some way during the evening.
  4. Parents may share their own testimonies regarding curriculum that has been helpful to them. Other parents may want to ask questions and get help with curriculum ideas. There will be a time of sharing to include both of these. There will be a table, separate from the door prizes, where members may place their own curriculum that they want to share with others. Please put your name in each piece. Nothing is being sold or given by members at the curriculum share; we are simply sharing about what we like in order to help others. Members may also choose to keep curriculum with them and show it during the sharing time.
The deadline for Childcare Signup is April 4.
Click here for more information and childcare signup

Field Day - May

It’s time to get signed up for Field Day 2022. This year we will have a variety of competitions for PreK-12th. A potluck dinner will follow the games. Winners will be announced during dinner. The PreK group will not be keeping scores. If your preschooler is participating in activities, a parent must stay with the PreK group.

Book Sale 2022

Book Sale will be held Tuesday, May 24th from 8:00am - 1:00pm.

*REACH members ONLY have additional buying time Monday, May 23rd from 6:30–8:30pm*

Searching for curriculum or teaching aides? Come join us at the annual REACH Book Sale. Having material no longer needed and looking to put it up for sale? Please, take advantage of the REACH Book Sale. Sale proceeds go to the individual seller, not REACH.

Visit the calendar for more information.

PSP Day-Parties/Skating/Parks

PSP - Floats and Frisbees

Let’s have some fun at Old Post Park on Friday, April 15th. I will bring ice cream and root beer, if you would like a different flavor of float feel free to bring your own drink to pour on top. I will also bring a couple of frisbees. - Allison Hoke, PSP Committee Head


Needy Paws Club

There is no limit on age or number of attendees. Parents must attend with their children and be responsible for them. Time would be 10:00 - 12:00, but families could leave earlier if needed. They are thankful for any time we have to help. Read more

Hiking Club-April 2022

This trail leads down to one of the largest natural bridges in this part of the country. It is in a beautiful little valley enclosed by a rugged bluff line. The natural bridge is carved from solid rock by a small creek and spans over 130 feet. Read more

Field Trips

Field Trip: Amazeum

Join us Friday, May 20th at the Scott Family Amazeum. They said we can have 15-20 students and 10 chaperones. The cost will be $6 per student. Required chaperones are free and additional chaperones are also $6. Address and sign-up details will be on the calendar.

High School Classes

If you are interested in teaching or facilitating a High School class for Fall 2022 you may contact a Board Member. All High School classes must be approved by the Board.

Spanish 1B - 2022-2023 School Year

Sarah Hann will be teaching Spanish 1B for the 2022-2023 school year. Spanish 1A is a prerequisite for taking Spanish 1A or students must have prior approval from Sarah.

High School Worldview Class 2022-2023

If you have a student who will be in grades 10-12 in the 2022-2023 REACH year and are interested in a Worldview class using Summit Ministries Understanding the Times, please email velvet@rsvlreach.org to express your interest by May 31.

Yearbook Updates

Yearbook Orders

It’s time to order your 2021-2022, REACH yearbook!
Our 2021-2022 Yearbook price is $35.68 including 2 Custom Pages. Custom pages are pages you design yourself. This allows you to add your own memories from the year!

2021-2022 Student Photo Orders

Student photos are finally finished! Visit HERE for all the info you need to order your package.

2022 Banquet

You can find more information about the 2022 Banquet here.

2022 Graduation Announcement

Save the date. The REACH graduating class of 2022 Seniors would like to invite you to our graduation. We are so excited to have 16 graduates this year with several who graduated with REACH their kindergarten year.

Date: May 7, 2022
Time: 2:00 pm

2022 Kindergarten Graduation

Date: April 23, 2022
Time: 10am

We are hoping to have a little rehearsal the day before so the kids have an idea of what will be happening, time is TBA.

If you have any questions please contact Rebekah Brixey at rebekah.richardson92@gmail.com

Parents' High School Class: Navigating the Maze

This class will meet for three different evenings in May, June, and/or July. Topics to be covered include: recordkeeping, credits, transcripts, smart core, ACT/SAT, college admissions, scholarships, CLEP, AP, concurrent classes, and more. Please sign up by May 5 if you are interested in attending. Location and exact times will be communicated later. Read more

Honor Roll 2021-2022

REACH has an honor roll for 9th – 12th grade students. It is based on a student’s achievement on a standardized test. The school year for honor roll purposes is from the beginning of July to the end of June with the honor roll being published in the August newsletter for the previous school year. Deadline to send scores is July 10th.


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FlipGive - To become a team member, use code C339UZ when prompted.
Giving Bean
Fresh Roasted Coffee and Artisan Tea
Kroger Rewards - NPO number XE621

Box Tops 4 Education To join Box Tops 4 Education, you will need to use the Box Tops phone app to scan receipts within 14 days of purchase. Please select the Education Alliance of Little Rock as the school of choice.

REACH Codes/Information

Member Handbook
Member FAQ
Code of Conduct
Dress Code
Illness Guidelines

REACH Library Information

Reminder: Please note that this information is for current REACH members only.

REACH Library Code: 0122
A few reminders:
  • Place the key in the lockbox, and mess up the code to keep it secure. Secure the library by locking the door behind you.
  • Sign in upon arriving and sign out upon leaving.
  • No food or drink allowed in the library.
  • Follow displayed instructions for checking out and returning books
  • Use the 3,800+ items REACH Library Database
  • Check out our library tab.
Contact Velvet at library@rsvlreach.org or 479-223-2255 with any questions

Local, State, or National Events

**The following are not REACH-sponsored events but are provided for informational purposes only.**
Upcoming Plays at Center for the Arts

Upcoming Plays at Reynolds Performance Hall

Arkansas State Parks events

Pope County Library events

Russellville City events

Russellville City and surrounding area events

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